Nigeria information minister, smart liar?


    Lai Muhammed (photo credit: Daily Trust)

He said the president worked from office yesterday, yet he wasn’t in the  FEC meeting today?

Many take the information minister, Lai Muhammed as a propagandist and others dismiss every word of his comments as lies.

The health situation of the Nigerian President has even put the information minister into too much mess that most Nigerians scorn at his job as information minister.

The poor health of President Muhammadu Buhari has caused his absence from the federal executive council meeting (fec), held every Wednesday.
The information minister in his defence to once more the absence of the president from FEC meeting was marred with equivocation and contradiction.

He said the president worked from office yesterday, yet he wasn’t in the  FEC meeting today?

And Lai Muhammed alleged that  journalists reported the president’s presence in his office yesterday. There was no affirmation or denial of this by any journalist in Aso villa. This comes on the heels of denials by the same minister that the president would henceforth, from last week, work from his residential home.

Take a read at what the minister said.

“I know you will want to know why the President was not at the meeting. You are also aware that the President was at his office yesterday and he worked at his office yesterday. A few days before now, we did come out to say he’s been asked to take some rest by his Doctor and he chose today to rest and not to attend the Federal Executive Council meeting….Mr President will stick to his Doctor’s advice so that he can recover much more quickly.”
On calls by some people that President should proceed on medical vacation?
” W‎e thank all of them for their concern. It shows how concerned Nigerians are about the health of the President. All their suggestions are being taken on board.”
On the report that the President is being fed intravenously?
” It is absolutely untrue that he’s being fed. He was in his office yesterday as you all reported and if the doctor says Take a rest, I think you will faster when you rest when you ought to rest rather than by forcing yourself to work when you are not fit to work. All he’s doing is following the doctor’s advice….Whatever is happening today is not any strange development. It’s exactly what he said that he has been advised to take it easy by his Doctor and that he will soon also go back for further treatment.” Source: Vanguard Ng.


Nigeria’s jollof-rice, best worldwide – Osinbajo


Nigeria vice president, Osinbajo

Did anyone notice that in all our well-respected lawyer vice-president said that Nigerians are successful of that none of them is done by the government?

Take a read.

Abuja – Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice-President on Monday described Nigerian-cooked jollof rice as “the best in the world”.

The Vice-President while speaking at “The Platform Nigeria,” a Global Media live broadcast LIVE on Channels TV and online convened by Poju Oyemade, Senior Pastor of the Covenant Christian Centre, in Lagos said: “And by the way, we all know that Nigerian jollof rice is the best, we beat the Ghanaians and the Senegalese hands down.”

“We have everything, and our people are doing incredibly innovative things.

“Our music and entertainment industry is the fastest growing in the world,and of course, nobody is as funny as Nigerians, whether professional or amateur,”he noted.

The VP also extolled Nigerians innovative feats in various fields,especially in recent times.

“Last year Oluyinka Olutoye, a Nigerian surgeon successfully took out a baby from her mother’s womb, operated on the womb, and put the baby back in.

“The baby was carried full term and was born naturally — a feat previously unheard of.

“Only last year, a Nigerian girl Morolake Akinosun won a gold medal at the Olympics.

“Last Saturday, a Nigerian boxer Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua won the WBA, becoming the boxing champion of the world.”

Jollof rice is a staple meal among Africans, however over the years, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Senegalese and other African countries have claimed to make the best of the meal.

Vanguard Ng.