Assassination of Human Intelligence.



Some groups of people including the current Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, vowed to make Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s  government ‘ungovernable’. At the end, they made it difficult for the man to realise his agenda.

Few years later, Buhari has become the Nigerian president. Unsurprisingly, his government has become ‘unmanageable’.

One should take a look at decisions and policies of the present government, and what people think about them. Economic and the team of ministers that took months to select, and their perfomances are some of the clear indications to  the poor governance.

Well, BBC and most western media see Buhari as a fighter of corruption. On paper, yes, he is not in reality.

One could ask the president Buhari why he left the country. The whole truth is that nobody including members of APC, Buhari’s party, believes whatsoever the information minister, Lai Muhammed says.

The economy, security and welfare of the people have become unmanageable, but the most worrisome part is the inability to manage information in this communication revolution era.

Buhari was expected back to Nigeria after two weeks vacation to London. However, a letter credited to him was sent to the National Assembly informing members that he’s been advised to tarry a while for his test results in a London hospital to be out. Well, in Nigeria, test results do not take more than a day or two. I guess London hospitals should be 65 years backward.

In what one could describe as an assassination of human intelligence, the information minister, Lai Muhammed, told journalists, 8th February, 2017, that the president is ‘not in any hospital’. Nobody, as usual, believed him, not just because Nigerians have heard the president’s being in the hospital and the counters, but moreso because Lai Muhammed, as a federal minister can’t manage information. He’s just a typical present federal minister though.

Those of us who said we should wait on the Lord, pray and fast, hope and wish till the next election or two should recall this era of ‘Change’ when another government would come on board. Then, Rotimi Amechi, transportation minister, Okorocha of Imo state, Lai Muhammed, Buhari would start claiming any good effect of the new government policies as their products which they are ‘currently planting’! This stems from all this claims over Unfounded achievements.

For the meantime, Buhari should come back to Nigeria he has so longed for to rule, and face his duties. And Lai Muhammed should resign, or be reassigned to another portfolio.

Being human beings alone affords Nigerians the ability to discern liars and this government is lying about every little thing like telling us the whereabouts of a president of over 1,60 million peoples. And if he’s tired, it wouldn’t be a crime to be honourable, resigning.


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