Why I hate Most Igbo leaders

(a mirror of my generalview on Igbo Leaders)The Sun Newspaper carried the news that:Igbo leader, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka has lauded the release from detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the Director ofRadio Biafra and leader of Indigenous People of Biafra by the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, describing it as a great news of immense importance as it will douse the already heated tension surrounding his detention.My bewildermentThe court while ordering the State Security Services to release Kanu noted that he has been detained longer than the law stipulated. Now, none of these Igbo chiefs ever raised a voice to such long and unnecessary destination.Earlier this month, 8th December, some leaders including state governors of the Yoruba extract convened a summit where they urged the federal government to look into the the causes of ‘separatistfeelings’ that fuels the quest to divide the country, make the people from the Eastern region feel belonged in the Nigeria entity, solve the insecurity problem, provide ranching zones/areas for the Fulani herdsmen, provide employment opportunities,and so on. What the Igbo leaders were doing was hide and seek. Rochas Okorocha was one of the veryoutspoken governors that through venoms he spits against the feelings and agitations of the people, you’d discern that he can even shoot to death these aggrieved men and women who voted him to power for his deiceitful ‘Rochanomist’ manthra, who are now hungry because of his and his cohorts’ poor policies, who have no good road networks, no portable water, no affordable housing and hospitals, ever increasing school fees and compulsion to purchase computer from university administration, and endless lack of common amenities that the government could provide to it’s people.Hero? Really?The chief also added:“Kanu has emerged as a hero of Ndigbo and nobody can take that away from him.His agitation leading to his arrest and detention has made our voice to be heard, opened our wound to the glaring notice of thepeople that matters in Nigeria and I believe that something good will follow the issues he raised, therefore the issues surrounding him have to be given serious attention. In my capacity as Ogirisi Igbo, I want to advice him to listen to our elders’ advice on how to address our problems. I’msure he must have realized that we are all behind him now, so let him take our advice” he addedContradiction everywhere! Odi egwu oo.How is he a hero when he does not listen to ‘elders’ advice’? But question would start by asking: Who areeven these elders that do not chat way forward nor fight for better days for their offspring? Do they deserve listening to? Are they not the ones telling the people to go and sit down because, according tothem’, these agitators ‘have not seen war’? What is that good stuff that comes so easy? Who should be that hero by sitting comfortably on his pains, hoping that what he can get by himself be given him bynot others? Why has Kanu, all of a sudden, become a hero? Why not give it to Rochas and all those our senators and their likes that chant the ‘eleventh commandment’ of ‘Nigeria is an indivisible entity’?Wild Dreams!According to the APGA chieftain“the issue of Biafra is all about the wellbeing of the Igbo man in the Nigerian setting and Biafra is as good as a dream come true when the roads are fixed, when the lights shine uninterrupted, when jobsare available for youths, when there is enough federal presence in the southeast, when the federal appointments are balanced among the geopolitical zones and when the Igbo man is president. That is Biafra in my opinion”With all due respect, I need to say that we don’t sit with our hands in-between our legs and get all these.And the Igbo Presidency most of our elders are talking about will not solve the myriads of Igbo/Nigeria challenges. He would be a ‘Nigeria president’ not Igbo President! In a bid to satisfy the northern elders, he’d end up a stooge.Again, I wonder if our elders didn’t hear the man at the helm of the federal government say he’d give 90% attention to those who voted him. Did Ndi Igbo vote him? Or are we wanting to reap where we did not sow?I hate most Igbo leaders because they are late-comers, backstabbers, they are too far away from their people, they are cultivating the culture of being demi-gods, they build thick and high walls of separation between themselves and the people.I hate them most for their expertise in telling lies andselfishness.


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