Not This Kind of Change.



The opposition and the ruling parties’ logos.

On Wednesday, 7th September, 2016, the inspector general of Nigeria Police Force warned the #bringbackourgirls campaigners to desist from Street protests.
Let’s recall that this #bringbackourgirls group has been campaigning to have the over 200 girls who were allegedly captured in a secondary school in Chibok, Borno state to be released.

Recently, the spate of killing by herdsmen has increased especially in the southeast of the country. The media have also reduced the report on boko haram mayhem in the north east.

Africans have been in hunger, but Nigeria with it’s ‘largest economy’ smiles in Africa has gone hungrier. Inflation rates have quadrupled.

Let me borrow some altruistic views from a social commentator, Larry Ogwuego who reminded us that sometimes, one cannot but be corrupt in Nigeria. My friend and classmate, Okechukwu Linus recently won a competition that demanded he travel to Kenya. The amount of money he paid before he got his passport was over 1000% higher than what is on papers. This is the same with getting a driver’s license, obtaining a national ID, and sometimes, the worst is found in the school leadership.

Now, our people say that he who was absent from a burial place would most probably exhume the dead from the legs. Simply put, when one does not know the beginning of a trouble, it’d be quite difficult for him or her to proffer a feasible solution. Can we say that the Buhari led government has only new hands in governance? Why is everything going down everyday everywhere? Why are institutions such as the INEC, the National Assembly, EFCC, individuals, organised labour unions, protesters, and others being tossed up and down?

Yesterday, 8th September, 2016, Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari launched ‘Change Begins With Me Reorientation Programme’ (#changebeginswithme), and questions are asking whether this is not  another mouthing of ‘change’ which has not been happening the way Nigerians expected?
When the head is sick, the whole body can never be together. The change should even start from the head. The change should start from those that are directly under the reins of the head. Leaders should Change their attitudes because they are smelling. Let the president change, and behave as a President of a diversified, fragile and hungry British conglomerate. Let him be open-minded and get dynamic. Those with him should lecture him on what change is even if it’s a party’s slogan. Change is ability not a disability. Let’s start now! We don’t want all these inabilities to continue. Elections for individual states cannot be held properly, what will happen in 2019 when there’d be a country-wide elections?

But people!
Where are we now? We still suffer all the pains!

Then, what’s the essence of waiting by the table to pick the crumbs instead of going for the bread?


Let’s do the right thing now.
We can remove any power that is not from people, from us. We can resist cutting corners.
It is for a better tomorrow. It has not even become all that hard as South Africa’s apartheid had it, take a look at fruits the war they fought years ago are yielding them today. Those people fought the powers that were, these people died, they were imprisoned, incarcerated, left to die.
What are we doing to change our tomorrow. I know that most of us believe ‘Nigeria’ is nobody’s, but we cannot keep ours better if we got it when have not learnt how to keep the one we have today properly.
Let’s begin the change with ‘us’. Forget what APC government is saying because they are all the same. They’ve crossed the bridge, we have to build these ones they’ve broken, widen our coast for a bigger tomorrow.
Just do the right thing, and fight for your right. Fighting is painful but gainful.


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