— 7th June 2016


Just like other apps trending online, google
hangout is becoming a more popular term
among digital natives across the globe
including Nigeria. Although in Nigeria, it is
often used by celebrities and very important
personalities, like a former governor of Lagos
State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, who used it a
couple of years ago.
Hanging out on Google also helps individuals
to gather more information from experts or
individuals who are knowledgeable on such
subjects. It makes stream of conversation
more real and authentic than just reading it
(Facebook). There are interactions among the
participants. However, the slow learner may
ask, what is Google hangout? Simply put,
hangouts are more of an engagement tool
with friends, very much like Google chat and
There are two types of Google hangouts,
hangouts and hangouts on air. Google
Hangouts is an awesome instant messaging
app. You can download it to your android
device or iPhone/iPod/iPad. Also, you can
download an extension for Google Chrome
that will automatically start when you turn on
your computer. Google hangout is like skyping
or video chatting. You can only use it if you
have a webcam on your computer. To use it,
you go to your google + account (if you don’t
have one, they are easy to set up; just go to
more under google and join).
Simply put, a Google Hangout on Air is a great
alternative to expensive webinar solutions
where you and up to nine guests can hangout
and discuss whatever topic takes your fancy
and broadcast that conversation to the rest of
the world. Your Google Hangout on Air is
automatically broadcast live to both your
Google+ home page and YouTube channel for
the world to see.

+Sun ng


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