We appreciate the support we are getting so far from you.

As a Fasaite, you deserve the best. This is because you have been trying to be a better Fasaite.

Yesterday, we begged you  to use our poster as your dp, 60% of you obliged. We are honoured that even in our flaws you are still there like a favourite friend for us.


FASA Poster for her 2016 week.

We hope to witness more corporation, suggestions, advise and supports. Anytime you hear us or anyone of us say ‘I can do it without you’, just know that that person is not serious. We cannot do without you.

We hope to see our events flying like a wild fire.

We pray God to help us in all we do especially as patriotic Fasaites.

Keep being good. Keep perfecting it.😇😇😇😇



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