Though we are terrified
We shall be justified

It’s just a matter of time
And everything would be alright

Though we stagger
Never mind, we’ll conquer

Sometimes, when there’s storm
It’s like all is lost
It calls us to be strong

When all hope is gone
Still, believe you are strong
Story will tell how you won

When the future loses its hope
Remember the good words I spoke
Find me, let’s together cope

You are too heavy to move an inch
Locked with a devil in a hitch
No, not defeat, just a feat!

Wipe those tears in such a haste
Find courage, best of soul-mates
We can be there, where we want
Hold tight, victory, celebration to chant

And there are troubles
He fears, and stumbles
He widens horizons of hope
Here’s space, he rests the yoke.


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